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Tiny Habits® Coach Certification

Helping your clients achieve lasting success using the scientifically based Tiny Habits® method

The struggle is real. Implementing change is often an ongoing struggle that inevitably leads to disappointment and frustration.

But by using the most effective behavior-changing method worldwide, you can help your clients create new behaviors that will transform their lives.

Enhanced Credibility

Sense of Purpose

Raving Clients

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Learn the
Tiny Habits® Method

Discover the essential principles and methodologies behind behavior change through a comprehensive certification program led by industry expert Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S.


Become a Tiny Habits®
Certified Coach

Unlock your coaching potential with advanced training that equips you to address clients’ complex behavioral challenges effectively and set them up for success. 


Help Your
Clients Thrive

Facilitate breakthroughs in your clients by using the Tiny Habits® Method and help them overcome obstacles, create positive habits, and unlock their full potential.

The Tiny Habits Method has been implemented in trusted brands like:

Thrive Global
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How to Become a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach:

1. Apply

Doors are open for our next cohort. This advanced training begins with this 7-week LIVE certification program. Each 90-minute class offers valuable training. Engage in Coaches-in-Training sessions every Thursday at Noon PT for collaborative learning. Conclude with a two-week hands-on apprenticeship, applying your skills to real-world scenarios.

2. Attend the Certification Training

We will teach you, step-by-step, how to improve your clients’ lives using this breakthrough method created by a Stanford researcher. Fortune 500 companies use this science-based method, and it has transformed over 42,000 lives. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Schedule a free discovery call! 

3. Grow Your Coaching Business

This transformative certification program equips you with the tools and strategies to advance your coaching practice. Witness remarkable transformations, cultivate lasting change, and establish yourself as a sought-after coach in your industry. Elevate your impact, elevate your business—apply today!

As a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach You Get:

Tiny Habits® Certification

Annual License

Tiny Habits® Coach Certification & Licensing BONUSES

Here’s What a Tiny Habits®
Certified Coach Had to Say

As a consultant, coach, or education-based professional, watching your clients fail is a painful experience.

Clients end up with…

Don’t Let Client Failure Can Have a Profound Impact on Your Credibility

Your goal is to guide clients toward success and empower them to achieve their desired outcomes. 

However, when clients experience failure, it can create a ripple effect. Lack of results can lead to questioning your method, teaching, and, most importantly, your reputation.

With the right approach, however, lasting change is within reach.

What if you could change all that?


Success IS possible when you master the science of behavior change. 

It’s time to empower your clients and set them up for success.

Client Success is the Key to Growing Your Business

The Tiny Habits® Coach Certification is Perfect For

How the Tiny Habits® Coach Certification Works…

This program is a 7-Week LIVE Training + Certification to teach you the Tiny Habits® Method — so you can help your clients create new habits easily and without relying on willpower.

Seven Weekly Live Classes:

Interactive virtual classes in our Zoom classroom, taught by the Director of Tiny Habits® Academy, Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S., and the Assistant Director of Tiny Habits® Academy, Jennifer Lee, M.S.

Dr. BJ Fogg will be available to Coaches-in-Training once a week during his Open Office Hours. A Coach-in-Training can join him on Thursdays at 12:00 pm PT. Each class is 90 minutes long.

Two-Week Hands-On Apprenticeship:

You wrap up the course with an apprenticeship to get hands-on, practical coaching experience to master the Tiny Habits® method, and we help you every step of the way. (No panic or trepidation necessary).

This makes the Tiny Habits® Coach Certification so effective: You get real-world experience teaching this method with our expert help and support as you do.

Next Cohort Begins Wednesday, May 31st @12:00 p.m. PST.

Plus, Access Exclusive… Tiny Habits® Coach Certification BONUSES!

Empower Your Clients to Achieve
Unprecedented Transformation

This Comprehensive Certification Program
Includes Everything You’ll Need to Succeed…

Tiny Habits® Coaches Certification

(Value $5000)

  • 7 Weeks of Masterclasses on the Tiny Habits® Method with Linda Fogg-Phillips
  • Weekly Office Hours with BJ Fogg (Thurs @ Noon PT)
  • Supplemental Training and Research
  • Class Materials and Resources
    • videos to share with clients
    • teaching and coaching tools
    • workshop outline
    • coaching guide
  • 2-Weeks Apprenticeship in the Tiny Habits® Method


(Value $500)

  • License activation upon successful completion of Tiny Habits® Coach Certification (First year of licensing included in the Tiny Habits® Coach Certification fee. Thereafter, licensing is $500 annually)

Tiny Habits® Coach Certification BONUSES

(Value, Priceless)

  • Bi-Monthly Live Virtual Training Sessions to Support Your Ongoing Learning with BJ and Linda
  • Tiny Habits® Coaches Resource Library
  • Over 60 Additional Tiny Habits® Training Videos to use with your clients

Total Value $5500

Your Investment is Only $2500

Here’s the Best Part…

Your Tiny Habits® Coach Certification Begins with a Free Consultation Call

Schedule a 15-min consultation call with Linda Fogg-Phillips to discuss if certification is right for you. We want to make sure you make an informed decision. Don’t wait and miss our upcoming cohort. Schedule your call today.

Next Cohort Begins Wednesday, May 31st @12:00 p.m. PST.

Here’s the Best Part…

Help Your Clients Stop the Cycle of Underachievement and Experience the Power of Tiny Habits®

Each week, we’ll teach you, step-by-step, how to improve your clients’ lives using this breakthrough method with custom resources and our exclusive digital coaching platform.


The Foundation of Behavior Design and Tiny Habits

  • Practice the fundamentals of the Tiny Habits ® Method
  • Go above and beyond what you read in Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything
  • Learn applied and practical coaching exercises (and how to use the supporting resources to help your clients)
  • How to coach others using the fundamental skills of the Tiny Habits® method.
  • Understand a variety of coaching contexts and when to use which part of the Tiny Habits® Method


Designing Recipes for Tiny Habits (Ability & Prompts)

  • Understand the core concepts of the Tiny Habits® Recipe
  • Drill on fundamental skills for designing recipes
  • Learn the 7 ways to create recipes using the Tiny Habits® Method
  • Approaches to coaching others in designing Tiny Habits® Recipes
  • See real recipes from participants in the 5-Day Tiny Habits® program and how to coach them to success
  • Finding your area of expertise to help your clients succeed 


Your Superpower for Creating Habits: Emotions

  • Do a deep dive into the most important aspect of habit creation
  • Get clear on the fundamentals of what wires in a habit and how to fail-proof your coaching techniques in this skill
  • Clarify confusion about everyday terms that hold back your clients’ progress 
  • How to use key Tiny Habits® Coaching Resources to teach the skill using emotions to create habits in a variety of contexts


The Habit Garden: How to Iterate and Grow

  • Iteration, Growth, and Transformation
  • How to revise a recipe that’s not working
  • 5 Key Skills for Growth and Transformation 
  • An analogy and resources to help your clients transform
  • The key way you can be most impactful as a coach (and outperform your competitors)


Your Apprenticeship: Coaching with Greenhouse

  • Learning the custom coaching platform to use for Tiny Habits
  • Create your coaching resources to be used during your Apprenticeship and beyond
  • How to be a 5-star Tiny Habits® Certified Coach
  • Future success using the Tiny Habits® method for your coaching practice (success leaves clues)

Over the 2 weeks, you will coach people that we assign to you to work with in the Tiny Habits® Method. You’ll invest about 45 minutes each day — and by week two, you won’t need our help (although it’s always there if you do).

At the end of each week of your Apprenticeship, we will gather your results, and present you with your own statistics and statements that show your impact (prepare to be delighted by them).


Apprenticeship Week 1

  • Review of the best practices for one-on-one coaching and group coaching using the Tiny Habits® Method
  • How to coach in the Tiny Habits® method using Greenhouse
  • Identifying features of best and worst recipes from real Tiny Habits® participants
  • How to respond to key issues your clients will face
  • Business guidance to maximizing your Tiny Habits® certification


Apprenticeship Week 2

  • Your next steps as a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach
  • Tools for Tiny Habits® Presentations and teaching Tiny Habits® Workshops
  • Designing your customized Tiny Habit recipes for your clients

Meet Your Trainer:
Linda Fogg-Phillips

Linda Fogg-Phillips, M.S., is the brawn behind the Tiny Habits® programs, and your main teacher and Tiny Habits® resource over the 7 weeks.

Sister of Dr. BJ Fogg, and a mother of 8 children, Linda knows how to design systems that work (and how to get her kids to do what they need to do – a real-life behavior change lab).

Her expertise includes behavior change in the world of health and wellness, and she has a Masters in Health Promotion and Exercise Physiology.

BJ and Linda have been best friends and ‘partners in crime’ for over 50 years — and have taught Behavior Change together with incredible results since 2008.

Tiny Habits® Coach Certification Will Provide Ongoing Benefits

Improve your client’s success dramatically

You will see remarkable success when you use the Tiny Habits® method and materials with your clients. That’s a guarantee. You get to help your clients change their life, health, and happiness in a BIG way — and there is no greater joy than that. Don’t be surprised when your clients send you “thank you” notes, or when they brag about you to their friends. 😉

Become an industry leader

When you learn our breakthrough method for habit formation–and exactly why it works–you will become a true expert in human behavior. This expertise will set you apart from your peers; it opens the door to promotion and leadership.

Why? Because, unlike your peers, you will know how to change behavior and have evidence that you get real results for clients. Imagine that: Statistics of your success and quotes from clients praising you. That’s all part of our package. 🙂

Increase your earning potential

With the Tiny Habits® method and exclusive resources, you can help more people, with better results, and build a more successful career. As a certified Tiny Habits® Coach, you can charge whatever you want for your services. No restrictions

Work remotely from anywhere

Do you want to work from home? That’s great. We give you the tools to be effective. Are you working in a big office or a busy gym? That’s good too.

You can coach clients in person, in groups, via phone, or through email. Our research shows ALL these approaches work. With Tiny Habits®, you have freedom and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want your clients to improve their lives, changing their habits is the only way to do that. When you get better at guiding behavior change, your clients can get better results!!

The Tiny Habits® method is the easiest way for your clients to bring new behaviors into their lives. In fact, your clients will THANK you for your work, and RAVE about your results to others!

This breakthrough science-based method was created by a Stanford researcher. It’s been used by Fortune 500 companies and has helped over 42,000 people change their lives. Beyond all that, the Tiny Habits® method’s strength is in the name!

It breaks big changes down into tiny steps. And in doing so, creates fast wins for your clients. Soon these small changes will multiply and grow, along with your client’s happiness and transformation (delighted in your work and guidance!) Change leads to change. Success leads to success. That’s why Tiny Habits® works so well.

Yes! These strategies work with children, teenagers, moms, middle-aged adults, older adults — you can use them for anyone, in any context — corporate, coaching, consulting, counseling, and beyond!

Yes! And here’s why. It’s really important to us that the Tiny Habits® Method doesn’t get diluted or mistaught in any way, so we require our coaches to maintain their license to use the process with their clients, and in their work. As part of this, we offer continued education, learning, networking, and business support — and update our certified, licensed coaches on ALL of Dr. Fogg’s continued research into behavior change, so you stay ahead of the curve — with the BEST information available in the industry.

The Tiny Habits® Coach Certification training goes beyond the book. Way beyond! The book is required reading. However, we don’t spend much time on the book’s content in class. We expect you to do that outside of class. Each week, there are quizzes on the reading assignments from the book that you need to pass to move on in your training.

In the Tiny Habits® Coach Certification training, you will learn advanced Tiny Habits content and research that BJ could not include in the book. We also teach you how to use the Tiny Habits® Method using four different coaching modalities:

  • One-on-one coaching.
  • Group coaching.
  • Custom-built Tiny Habits® platform.
  • Teaching Tiny Habits® workshops.

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