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Thomas Schmeding

My Tiny Habits Certification training has helped me better coach my clients and help them create a lifestyle of healthy habits. As a nutrition coach, I have helped many others using the Tiny Habits method. Do it! It has helped not only myself but the hundreds I have coached!

Jasmin Lotter

I wanted to help my clients to really bring changes into their life. Not only learn in theory how they can lead a happy, meaningful, conscious but have a tool to help them embrace change. When I heard about Tiny Habits I had that feeling: That’s it! I need to know more about it. I have a lot of beautiful new Tiny Habits that make me feel happier, healthier, and also more successful. Can small habits really change your life? I believe they can. Using the Tiny Habits method I have created new habits that help me in all areas of my life: professionally as a Happiness Trainer, personally as a friend, partner, mother, and human being. Definitively the right decision. Very well-invested money.

Peiming Sun

From my own personal journey, I have become more aware of the fact that I have so many moments in my life that I can put pauses in certain parts of my day so that I can boost my energy. With Tiny Habits, we can shift anything in life effortlessly and easily and that’s how powerful this can be.

Graham Dodds

Before finding the Tiny Habits Certification Course, I was looking for practical ways to help my coaching clients get tangible results at an earlier stage in their coaching journey. 

The training has enabled me to become a more effective coach, by providing an easy to understand, yet research-backed method that my clients can use in any aspect of their lives. Also, working with the Academy has opened doors for me to run client workshops and develop an online training course way ahead of my original plans. Almost everyone who I have taken through the Tiny Habits Method and Fogg Behaviour Model has commented that they have seen results for themselves and often also for their families. 

Stop thinking about it and sign-up, you won’t regret it!

Kris Jennings

Being part of a small group and getting hands-on experience with the model and getting the chance to coach Habiteers really made me feel confident right away. Just being a certified tiny habits coach gives me street cred. It’s a proven method and I feel good that when I am offering my products and services I am backed by something as scientifically proven as the Tiny Habits Method. You get incredible access to experts and the thing that was most surprising to me was the fact that I feel like I am part of a community. Part of something bigger than myself with people that are passionate about behavior change and talking about it together and learning from each other. I am glad I became a Tiny Habits Certified Coach.

Dominic Michalec

My time in the Tiny Habits Academy has helped me craft my approach to behavior change coaching with clients quickly, efficiently, and effectively. As a coach that focuses on helping people develop their emotional intelligence, behavior change is at the core of everything I do to help my clients elevate their lives both personally and professionally. This program has been an absolute game-changer for me, and I’m so excited to see the outcomes my clients have with Tiny Habits now in their toolboxes. If you’re on the fence about this program, take the leap of faith. A group of dedicated coaches will be here to help and support you all along the way.

Mitzi Schawo

I came to Tiny Habits Academy to learn the full process to assist my client’s growth. What an amazing journey! Taking this training has provided entirely new insight into the Fogg Behavior Model and how it can (and does) affect our day-to-day processes. Positive disruption to make wanted change toward a better life! The Tiny Habits Certification training is an amazing tool to add to your business skillset. My training with Tiny Habits has impacted my immediate family. As they watched me succeed with small changes, they too were motivated to make some for themselves. Personally, I have made significant changes thatallow me to be more fulfilled.

Maria Salame

If you’re thinking about joining the Tiny Habits community, go ahead. Put some positivity in your toolbox and feel free to raise your expectations because you’re about to improve people’s lives and help them achieve lasting change while trusting their own skills and enjoying the process.


“If I keep at it, this just might be the missing piece in the puzzle. I’ve been trying to be more disciplined and manage time more effectively for the past 15 years but almost all my plans inevitably fail or fizzle out, and I never knew exactly why. Now things seem to be getting clearer to me: I should have started Tiny, whereas in the past I’d done exactly the opposite.”


“There are many things I would like to improve but being a busy mom who hasn’t really ever focused on myself or my habits, Tiny Habits make it feel more accessible and achievable to reach my goals.”