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Experience the joy of using the Tiny Habits method to build habits that stick without paying a thing.

You will learn how to retrain your brain and make habit formation sustainable and move from a mindset of perfection to one of learning and growing. Even though this is a free program, we are giving you access to a certified Tiny Habits coach who will be checking in with you every single day. Plus, you will get exclusive content to help you Master the Tiny Habits method.

Start Building Long-lasting Habits

The program is simple! You start over the weekend and get set up which only takes about 25 minutes.

    • Starting on Monday, you practice the Tiny Habits method for five days in a row.
    • Each afternoon you get to check in with our certified coach.
    • Practicing your new habit will only take 3 minutes of your day.
We have shared Tiny Habits with over 120,000 people and counting.

This program is scientifically proven habit creation method has been used to change people’s lives around the world.

Join us to experience the Tiny Habits difference in your own life.

Linda Fogg-Phillips

What Participants Say About Our 5-Day Program

​”The 5-day course has been life changing! I have shared with colleagues and friends. I appreciate all the coaches so very much!”

– Krista S.

​”I get easily distracted and need to work hard at a schedule. This program helps to make the task small to accomplish and doable. Success breeds success so I don’t have to beat myself up, but I can relish in the small change.”

– Carole K.

“Thank you for giving me the tools to start some great changes in my life. You mentioned a lady who said she “trash talked” herself and that resonates with me. Since starting your 5-Day Course online, I have already noticed some fabulous changes in my emotional, mental, and physical self. I am truly starting to see myself as the sort of person who *can*…. And that feels brilliant!”


“I was traveling to Mayo Clinic for my husband’s serious health condition and then near the end of the five days, I got Covid but even under those conditions I still did my habits. I share this to affirm how successful your program is. Thank you!”

Julia O.

“This program resonates with me in such a profound way. I feel more confident and capable because of the tiny successes I created over the week.”

– Jean B.

​”Life changing book. Begin your transformation with baby steps of behavior change. BJ Fogg provides excellent models for you to execute in your daily life. If you embrace these models you will understand your behavior and more importantly understand how to change your habits. This is a roadmap to a better you.”

-Rob G.