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Why is mastering habit change so important and impactful?

Because if you want your clients to improve their lives, the only way to do that is to change their habits — so, when you get better at guiding behavior change, your clients can get better results!!

The Tiny Habits Method is the easiest way for your clients to bring new behaviors into their lives — so easy in fact, that your clients will THANK you for your work, and RAVE about your results to others!

Why the Tiny Habits Method so effective?

Other than the fact that it was created by a Stanford researcher, science-based, used by some of the Fortune 500 companies and has helped 42,000 people change their lives? Beyond all that  the Tiny Habits® Method’s strength is in the name!

It breaks big changes down into tiny steps. And in doing so, creates fast wins for your clients.  Soon these small changes will multiply and grow, along with your client’s happiness and transformation (and delight in your work and guidance!)

Change leads to change. Success leads to success. That’s why Tiny Habits® works so well.

Does the Tiny Habits Method work on everyone?

Yes! These strategies work with children, teenagers, moms, middle-aged adults, older adults — you can use them for anyone, in any context — corporate, coaching, consulting, counselling, and beyond! 

Is the Tiny Habits License required?

Yes! And here’s why. It’s really important to us that the Tiny Habits Method doesn’t get diluted, or mis-taught in any way, so we require our coaches to maintain their license to use the process with their clients, and in their work. As part of this we offer continued education, learning, networking and business support — and update our certified, licensed coaches on ALL of Dr. Fogg’s continued research into behavior change, so you stay ahead of the curve — with the BEST information available in the industry.

Why do I need the Tiny Habits Coach Certification if I read the book?

The Tiny Habits Coach Certification training goes beyond the book. Way beyond! The book is required reading, however, we don’t spend much time in class on the content in the book. We expect you to do that outside of class. There are quizzes each week on the reading assignments from the book that you need to pass in order to move on in your training.

In the Tiny Habits Coach Certification training you will learn advanced Tiny Habits content and research that BJ was not able to include in the book. We also teach you how to use the Tiny Habits Method using four different modalities of coaching which are, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, coaching using the custom built Tiny Habits platform, and teaching Tiny Habits workshops.

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