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What Participants Say about Tiny Habits®

"This is the most helpful "self-help" book I've read. As a performance psychologist, I loved learning about this approach."

-Sarah H.

"I've read a number of other books about habit formation and none tied habits with celebrations. For me I believe this is Key. I am looking forward to doing my habits so I can celebrate a small win..."

-Deborah D.

"Aloha! I am reading your book, Tiny Habits®, and simply put: thank you. I have been searching for hope for a long, long time and this book gives me it. The best part is there are immediate results in my life —within the first 48 hours of reading it!"

-Jenna M.

"Tiny Habits® is the only method for change that worked for me."

-Josef B.

"I love the Maui habit. So easy and great. I even flop back on my bed so I can do it again and again. Celebration is key. Love it."


"I get easily distracted and need to work hard at a schedule. This program helps to make the task small to accomplish and doable. Success breeds success so I don't have to beat myself up, but I can relish in the small change."

-Carole K.

"I think Tiny Habits® is the best thing that has happened to me and will help me make amazing changes to my life."


"The 5-day course has been life changing! I have shared with colleagues and friends. I appreciate all the coaches so very much!"

-Krista S.

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