Yun Li

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I currently reside in Beijing, China, where I work in the publishing industry. My academic journey took me to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I pursued my Bachelor's degree in Global Studies, and later to the University of Melbourne in Australia, where I completed my Master's degree in Marketing Communication.

My fascination with the Tiny Habits method began when I discovered the Chinese version of BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits book. Implementing this approach into my life has been transformative, particularly in boosting my confidence and productivity.

Through my own journey, I've come to embrace the power of small, incremental changes facilitated by the Tiny Habits method. Rather than blaming myself for not achieving monumental goals overnight, I've learned to celebrate small victories and embrace the concept that consistency trumps intensity. I'm passionate about sharing this approach with others because I've experienced firsthand how it can lead to lasting, positive change.

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Beijing, China
Chinese (Mandarin), English