Yumian Shu

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Hi there, so glad to meet you here! >w<
The person you are going to meet is a passionate, warm-hearted coach with enriched working experiences as a college student advisor, whose niche is career planning and life adjustment.
As a group manager, I have helped multiple colleagues successfully adapt to new roles and new working environments.
I strongly recommend Tiny Habits as a powerful tool to change the way we work, think, and live. It is my honor to be here for you, to go through this wonderful journey with you, and to witness the inner power grow and thrive in you.

More about me:
Languages I speak: Mandarin Chinese (Native Speaker), English
What I value most: Family, Friends, Justice, Harmony, Self-Improvement (Yes I am a LIBRA)
My training, education, and/or professional experience:
Master's Degree in Neuroscience, Bachelor's Degree in Biology Science
Teaching Experiences in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Ex-vocal in Campus Rock’n Roll Band
English-Chinese Translating Experiences
My superpower: If you are willing to, I would love to listen to your story and share mine.

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Chinese (Mandarin), English
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