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Creating Calm Within

We humans are so hard on ourselves! We are hard-wired to have a feeling brain that thinks! 

So many of us think things like change, confidence, and managing our emotions and stress responses should come naturally. But the truth is, we need to develop these skills just like any muscle or character trait.

This course explores the idea that you can have control over your emotions by understanding how the brain works. My goal is to bridge the gap between knowing and doing. You learn to pause and choose to be calm, centered, and responsive. You learn that simplicity is key; that tiny is transformative. 

Self-regulation is the number one predictor of lifelong happiness and success. In the course, I demonstrate that a positive, productive, joyful life is possible. I give you the tools to design a life you love. 

I look forward to sharing possibility with you. 


Tiny Habits for Parenting Kids with ADHD; Tiny Habits for Time Management; Tiny Habits for Healthy Relationships

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