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Employee Health and Wellness

Stress Reduction/Resilience

Spiritual Growth/Spirituality

Craving more Confidence & Energy, feeling Productive with Purpose? BE THE BEST YOU! With 20+ years of leadership & coaching experience, my passion is empowering you to unlock what you truly want, and leverage what you’re already doing to effortlessly create momentum that matters, achieving goals using science-backed steps for success.

I love seeing you THRIVE. I've experienced the amazing impact simple habits can make a different. Prioritizing energy ignited a shift to fulfillment and productivity—my best tool for time management! Now, time feels more abundant, and downtime serves more than just recovery. Aligning responsibilities with values and habits for ease has equipped me with tools to sustain and amplify what truly matters to me.

My favorite one - a key to overcoming self-doubt, stories that aren't serving you - we all have them! When my inner critic flares up, I ask myself: 'Is that really true?' and celebrate victory over self-doubt. Mindset Matters!

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