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Organizational Change
Employee Health and Wellness
Social Impact

A seasoned and innovative professional with extensive experience in Social and Behavior Change (SBC), at-scale program implementation, and capacity-building, TJ brings nearly two (2) decades of expertise in designing and implementing community-based programs. His career is marked by successful collaborations with government agencies, NGOs, and international organizations, focusing on delivering large-scale development projects and training initiatives across various sectors. With a strong background in Behavioral DesignⓇ, organization development, and systems thinking, he is adept at creating tailored training packages and facilitating impactful workshops that are implementable at-scale.

(a) Founding Partner and Managing Director, AHA! Behavioral Consultancy Corp. – Oct 2017 to present
(b) the first certified Behavioral Designer in the Philippines
(c) the first certified Tiny Habits coach from the Philippines
(d) Leads partnership and account management efforts with key government agencies and multinational corporations, and multilateral organizations – demonstrating an ability to navigate and leverage government structures and resources for multi-sectoral strategies
(e) Set-ups, oversees and provide oversight to all simultaneously occurring projects and programs implemented by the company nationwide (refer to company projects in the project portfolio)
(f) Consultant, National Health Promotion and Capacity-Building , Asian Development Bank – 2021 to present
(g) Provides crucial capacity-building support to local governments, aiding in the implementation of Universal Healthcare policy reforms
(h) Develops tools and standards to support the Healthy Learning Institutions initiative in the education sector, showing skill in creating sustainable structures for health promotion and long-term nutritional health strategies

Mantaring, M. A. S., Bello, M. S. A. P., Agulto, T. J. M., Romualdez, C. M. I. R., Guevara, A. M. I. C., Lizarondo, N. R. M., Rigor, M. T. O., & Barcarlos, I. D. V. (2022). Behavioral design interventions for the promotion of well-being among Filipino healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lancet Regional Health – Western Pacific, 29.

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