Ralph Weickel

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Organizational Change
Team Performance

Consulting and Coaching Overview:

Ralph brings 35+ years-experience developing organizations, executives, managers and teams to work at their best and in a positive environment to achieve and exceed performance targets. He is an expert at facilitating the discovery of one’s best self and then bringing that forth in the work environment. He is able to help executives and managers identify and leverage their strengths while building similar capacities within their Teams.

Ralph’s work is based on the principles of appreciative inquiry, positive psychology and the science of peak performance which allows him to co-create highly successful engagements with clients. He has worked across a broad spectrum of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, government and utilities. Ralph works globally and has experience in many cultures providing insights into the nuances of different workplace norms. He works on-site and virtually, tailoring the engagement to the client’s needs and preferences incorporating both the personality of the individual and the organization in which they work.

Ralph is seen by his clients as being highly innovative and able to connect at multiple levels to create success and high-performance. One of his strengths is being able to formulate and ask positive questions that result in new thinking and the co-creation of new habits and behaviors for implementing a process that works best for the individual, team or organization.

Prior to his Positive Change Consulting and Coaching practice, Ralph spent 19 years in the financial service industry building high-performing teams and consistently exceeding performance targets. He has experience with a variety of assessments tools and the use of 360 assessments.

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