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In my experience, the Tiny Habits method has actually become the way to create a lifestyle that is more grounded, flexible, confident and on point, no matter what challenges one may be facing-- especially for care-givers and those of us for whom QUALITY OF LIFE is a major objective.

For more than 40 years I have been involved in the field of motivation-- everything from being a Weight Watchers lecturer in the early days of that organization to being certified in the application of NLP to business communication, a successful career in sales, advertising and marketing-- and later in life as a corporate trainer, as well as becoming an ordained minister in a New Thought spiritual community. Throughout all these different roles, my mission has been to contribute to the success of others. As a Tiny Habits coach I love helping people discover an incredibly simple way to not only create new habits they want in their lives but also to start living a life that glows!

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