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Pam Marshall

Stress Reduction/Resilience

General Habit Support

At some level, I always understood that we have control over how we see the world and how we “show up” in our lives. The simple tools I have learned over the years provide the “How” to engage that personal power. It is hard to get out of your head by staying there, so many of the tools I use are grounded in action. My tools include topics such as:

    • Understanding, from a neurological standpoint, why you get stuck
    • Utilizing the power of small consistent actions
    • Living consistently with your values and purpose
    • Harnessing the Power of Now
    • Brain-based strategies for positive habit change and personal accountability

I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, 25 years in the Biotech Industry and I am a Certified Professional Coach. I have researched how our Mindset affects us from experts in all areas, including Behavioral and Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Human Physiology, Physics, Spirituality and Positive Thinking. Experts in these respective areas have diverse perspectives, and all provide interesting data and facts. For me, it was a compilation of these different concepts into a comprehensive program that put me on the road to positive change.

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