Mark Tigchelaar

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Mark Tigchelaar

Employee Health and Wellness
Productivity/Time Management
Team Performance

Mark Tigchelaar studied neuropsychology and helps professional athletes, entrepreneurs and knowledge professionals to gain more from their brain. By working with more than 100.000 people in the past 17 years, he found out that the key component to improve performance is Focus Management. Without control over our attention, it takes more time to do our work and we experience more stress. In the long-term it even increases the chance of a burnout. Through in-depth studies of the brain, he identified four concentration leaks. When you know which these are, and know how to stop them, you gain control over your focus and with that your productivity. Mark wrote five books and gave several TEDx Talks on how to use insights of neuroscience to improve our performance.

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Noord-Holland, Netherlands
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