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Lesley Seymour

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I'm a former Editor-in-Chief of four national magazines (More, Marie Claire, Redbook, YM) and founder of CoveyClub.com and the Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour podcast. After learning how to reinvent myself after More Magazine closed in 2016, I opened CoveyClub to welcome other women 40+ who are in transition--from job loss, empty nest, health crisis, elder care, divorce, widowhood, or whatever. And that's what CoveyClub does: "We hold a place for you while you figure out what's next." We educate you with classes from the best experts, we connect you to other amazingly accomplished women going through a similar moment, and we support you in your transition. One of the lessons I learned as an editor was the power of just one tiny, single voice to change the world. My Tiny Habits coaching allows me to bring the science of small moves to creating big changes. I often find very capable people are unable to begin their new journey because the task seems daunting. Tiny Habits teaches us that change starts with what you say to yourself when your feet hit the ground each morning. Saying "It's going to be a great day!" (the Tiny Habits Maui habit) is the first step on the pathway to starting your own reinvention.

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