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Kira Hug


In a previous life, Kira was an art major (yep) ended up working with global brands like Estee Lauder Companies. She also led the marketing team for startups like and global health nonprofits (what up, glaucoma and breastfeeding).

Today, Kira calls herself a Copy Chef (she likes to dress like a chef, even though you’ll rarely find her in a kitchen). Kira leads a team of multiple copywriters in a flex micro-agency focused on personality-driven launch copy for courses and membership programs. Basically, she helps her clients package and sell their unique brand of ‘weird.’

Kira also co-hosts *The Copywriter Club* podcast, where she interviews the most forward-thinking copywriters about their processes, routines, structure, and best advice.

She also runs 'The Copywriter Think Tank', a high-level mastermind for copywriters, content writers & strategists. And we lead 'The Copywriter Underground', a fast-growing paid membership focused on helping copywriters master their copywriting, business skills, and mindset.

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Washington, DC, United States
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