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Productivity/Time Management

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Productivity/Time Management

As a productivity, time management, and systems expert I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals and successful business owners over the past 30 years helping them to maximise their productivity and performance and realise their potential

I’ve partnered with them to master their time management and organisational skills as well as witnessing life-changing transformations as they ditch the overwhelm that comes as a result of procrastination or perfectionism, or because of an always present to-do list that never gets completed because of the pressures of “not having enough time” or the lack of a clear plan.

As a small business owner of almost 18 years and a highly experienced Virtual Business Manager and Consultant, I’ve been working with entrepreneurs, executives, and SMEs right through to global membership associations and companies ensuring they reach their potential, perform at their best, and in short, get their shizzle done!

I love partnering with my clients, witnessing the impact and the growth that comes from their being committed action takers, watching as they reach their goals, as the dreams become a reality, and as those feelings of underwater or overwhelm are well and truly kicked to the curb!

As a performance and productivity coach I am a Certified Tiny Habits Coach, DISC, NLP, and Diary Detox® Coach Practitioner, I bring a unique approach, resource, and skillset which means that you can become a master (or mistress!) of your time, that you can kick that overwhelm to the curb and maximise your productivity and performance - realise your FULL potential!

My own personal journey, where self-reflection, coaching, and NLP have truly changed my own approach as a business owner, as a parent, and as “me” has enabled me to see firsthand, the true transformation these can have.

Combining my own personal experiences, my vast experience in tackling productivity and performance, and the extensive training I have undertaken, I work with clients who want nothing more than to transform their business or their life into what they want it to be, into how THEY want to be.

Men or women, like you, who love what they do, but who are struggling with time management, with overwhelm, or the limits that perfectionism or procrastination has placed upon them.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, or those simply struggling to get their shizzle done, who want more joy, who want more freedom, but who want to improve their productivity to maximise their performance and potential.

You may currently be struggling with the busyness of life, overwhelmed with the business of running a business, and while you’re damn good at it, you’re finding there just isn’t enough hours in the day, and it’s likely that self-care and wellbeing aren’t at the top of your list either.

Instead, you wish you could find an easier way…

A different way…

A more productive way…

A way that enables the development of a positive mindset, that creates a clear plan giving clarity, ditching the stress and overwhelm with a way forward to realise aspirations with key aspects of support, resources and accountability…

There is. It's about purpose and time.

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