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Joshua Bornstein

Weight Management

My mission is to help people act in the way that they already want to act in their lives. It is not my role to convince people of how to live their life but to help them live the life they already want to live. I accomplish this through deconstructing behavior change down to its core so that I can help anyone take control of their actions in their life. Specifically, I focus on food as it is the primary driver of chronic disease around the world. My hope is that through controlling their diet, people can learn to control every other aspect of their behavior patterns to truly master their own life.

The current model of nutritional behavior change is out of date. Strategies involving motivational seminars or meetings, gritting your teeth to deprive yourself of certain foods for x amount of days, and biotechnological assistance like smart watches have it all wrong. The quickest and most powerful way to transform your eating habits forever doesn’t involve any willpower or alarm clocks. It’s a learnable skill set that teaches you to control your environment, no matter how chaotic it may be. When I’m done with you, you’ll have the power to adapt your food habits to any environment for the rest of your life.

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