Joey Levy

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Finance/Money Management


Just like athletes need trainers and companies need Boards of Directors, high performing individuals need support and guidance on a personal and professional level.

Our "Personal Board of Directors" (PBD) service exists to act as a sounding board and a source of advice, to guide you and to provide you with feedback on your life decisions, opportunities and challenges. We provide you with unfiltered feedback that you can’t necessarily get from colleagues or friends.

Think of the issue you have been struggling with. Now, imagine that you have reframed it so that you can see how it can improve your life. Also imagine that you have a plan and are actively taking steps to reach your goal. How do you feel? My guess is that you are happy, feeling positive about the future, and empowered.

Our PBD service will give you a fresh perspective, allowing you to break through your personal barriers.

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