Jocelyn Brady

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Jocelyn Brady

Organizational Change


I help you create what you most want before you die ... NO BIG DEAL ;)

HOW? By helping you understand your brain and behavior better.
So you can make practical changes that lead to big breakthroughs.
And make Deathbed You proud.

In my 1:1 coaching, I work primarily with entrepreneurs, leaders and chronic overachievers who want to STOP sacrificing at the altar of practicality and find ways to pursue what you find most meaningful.

In my consulting work, I partner with brands who want to develop leadership skills (hello: curiosity, creativity and connectedness) in their employees--no matter their title or department.

Bottom line:
If you want to experience more joy and a sense of purpose in your work--through perspective-shifting and curiosity-jostling--you come to me.

I'm not for everyone. I wear weird brain hats and infuse comedy with science to help you learn better.

But I'm GREAT for people who know that play, flow and celebration are essential skills in designing the life and career you find most fulfilling.

Let's get you playing to your brain's creative potential, shall we?

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Oregon, United States
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