Jennifer Lee, M.Ed.

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Teaching and Learning

Productivity/Time Management

As part of the Tiny Habits team, I help train and certify coaches in the Tiny Habits method. I also create curriculum and program materials for online and in-person courses, trainings, and events.

I have an M.Ed in teaching and learning, and 20+ years of experience in childhood, secondary, and adult education.

I have a life-long fascination with how our minds work. My graduate and postgraduate education focuses on teaching, learning, and cognitive neuroscience for education. I apply this background to Tiny Habits for Education, a coaching practice that helps teachers and students use the Tiny Habits Method in the classroom and beyond.

I've also worked extensively with Tiny Habits for Brain Health, a program that encourages brain-healthy practices throughout life. While some neurodegenerative diseases cannot be prevented, lifestyle factors can have an enormous impact on brain functioning as we age. Tiny Habits for Brain Health makes it easy to incorporate the behaviors that keep minds agile and sharp.

Fluent in English and Spanish.

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Course: Tiny Habits for Brain Health

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Nevada, United States