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Jasmin Lotter

Stress Reduction/Resilience

As a Happiness trainer and meditation teacher, I am helping you to lead a more joyful, meaningful life. Happiness Training involves the practice of PPIs (Positive Psychology interventions) such as savoring, gratitude, and optimism, including training the mind as well as building resilience. I love to see that using the Tiny Habits® method will make a lasting change much easier - therefore resulting in positive change not only for you but also for our environment and ultimately for our society.

I work with German, Portuguese, and English-speaking clients, and my main focus is on helping you to change your daily routines in order to make the best out of every single day. "Make the Now the primary focus of your life" is my favorite quote (Eckhart Tolle).

Als Happiness Trainierin, Meditationslehrerin und Tiny Habits Coach helfe ich  Frauen im Dauerstress dabei, ihr Leben zu entschleunigen - mit Strategien aus der Positiven Psychologie, Achtsamkeitsübung und der Tiny Habits Methode. Damit sich dein Leben nach DIR anfühlt - voller Lebendigkeit, Genuss und Sinnhaftigkeit. Wenn du dich selbst verändern und gleichzeitig zu positivem Wandel in der Welt beitragen möchtest, bist du bei mir und Happiemotion richtig.

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