Gillian Squirrell

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Coaching done well is extremely powerful. A combination of transformative learning, reflection and action. I aim to help my clients develop skills and insights which move them forward towards their goals and enable them to master some coaching tools which allows future self-coaching and continuance of their adventures mindfully.

My coaching expertise lies is in the areas of leadership and self-leadership. I am interested in helping people develop not only their projects, programs, businesses and creative endeavors but to do so as relational, multi-dimensional and compassionate leaders and co-leaders, strong in their personal awareness.

I have a deep interest in self-leadership and helping clients to work with issues of self-sabotage and self-dismissal, developing instead deeper personal appreciation, direction and resilience.

I have expertise in working with clients who have a need to re-start after some upending event or steady career erosion - these situations call for lots of self-leadership, creativity, reinvention, courage and resilience building.
My career has spanned universities and research institutes as a researcher, lecturer and senior manager. I have founded a couple of non-profits and been a manager within others. I have been a coach and consultant across a range of public sector, health, education and justice settings.
I work with individuals and with groups. I am equally at home coaching through zoom, the phone, face to face, or coaching and running leadership and self-discovery programs in a barn with horses and in the outdoors or in a training room.

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California, United States
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