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Eva Gruber


Positive Psychology

Eva Gruber is an Expert for ? Mental Fitness (#mentalhealth, #positivethinking) and ? Habits (#behaviorchange).

She supports founders, entrepreneurs, managers, and their teams who “have too many hats on” and by that “too much on their plate”. As a coach, trainer, consultant, lecturer and speaker Eva Gruber improves their wellbeing, relationships, and peak-performance. How? Through unmasking their mental self-sabotage (negative, hindering thoughts) and establishing mental fitness, easy, good habits, and supportive routines.

Among these founders, entrepreneurs, managers, and teams, Eva Gruber is especially specialized to support:

⭐ Introverts that (consciously or unconsciously) put themselves into an extrovert's shoes. This behavior easily leads to e.g. frequent and early exhaustion as one aims to fulfill a role or job that simply doesn't fit one's temperament. Still, introverts have great and needed qualities for organizations and teams to be discovered and used intentionally.

⭐ Scanner personalities who tend to have too many interests which lead to tons of projects, jobs, and by that oftentimes to frustration ("I'm not an expert in anything."). Still, scanner personalities have great and needed qualities for innovation and leadership to be discovered and used wisely.

As only 1 out of 5 people use their (positive, mental) potential, and 6+ hours of your day are based on often times unconscious habits, working with Eva Gruber is a game-changer. By e.g. training 3 brain muscles and good habits, you and your team establish your mental fitness (positive intelligence) and supportive behavior. Doing so, ✔️ you feel happier and better in your body. ✔️ You live healthier relationships with your team, clients, and family. ✔️ You improve peak-performance due to a clear head and focus especially when you e.g. feel stressed, angry, or insecure.

Eva Gruber founded 3 ventures, and supported hundreds of challenged people. She is trained by and collaborates with leading researchers and experts, like Professor BJ Fogg PhD (Stanford University) or neuroscientist Shirzad Chamine (Positive Intelligence). She has been featured as a speaker at events like TEDx (https://evagruber.org/the-power-of-bad-habits-tedx-talk/) and podcasts, as an author, and an executive contributor for entrepreneurship magazines like Brainz or SHEconomy. She lives in Vienna/Austria with her French fiance, her yoga mat, and an adventurer’s mind.

Connect on LinkedIn or via email to hi@evagruber.org.

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