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     Positive Psychology

◤ ❝The secret of positive change is not standing in our own way.❞

As a ⭕Positive Change Expert and Habit Coach, I support curious leaders and teams that struggle to achieve positive and lasting change for themselves or their organization. I guide them to manage the hindering mindset, beliefs and behavior that get into the way of change. Neuro-scientific methods like simulations, positive thinking and habit change as well as empathetic (self-)leadership enable that.

I’m not a change manager, but I know why many of them struggle or fail with change:

As change is at the doorstep, individuals and organizations too often fail, as it’s simply not wanted or too hard to do. Too often, the power of the negative mind wins, as we judge ourselves or circumstances, push for recognition, control results and others, people-please or get stuck avoiding the unpleasant.

◤ ❝Positive change for you, your team or organization shouldn’t feel heavy lifting. Hence, let’s detect the human factor in it, what’s wanted and transform it into easy action for lasting change.❞

After 8 years in a European corporation in sustainable energy (and struggling with power-plays, heavy processes and unmet change), I founded and helped build multiple social ventures, being part of the European ecosystem of innovation and impact-startups for 10+ years.

◤ Today, I’m an entrepreneurial thinker, a burnout-survivor and a trained expert in ⭕Mental Fitness, Positive Thinking, Behavior Design and Habit Change.

Working with me, my clients learn to apply e.g.:
⭕ Positive skills (e.g. empathy, curiosity, navigating through crisis)
⭕ Mental practices (intercepting negativity loops)
⭕ New habits

This helps them achieve their positive change leading to e.g.:
⭕ Better wellbeing in mind and body
⭕ Healthier relationships at work and home
⭕ Providing peak-performance* in the midst of overwhelm and stress
⭕ Organizational change in any given topic

(*In peak-times negative emotions self-sabotage us (e.g. fear of failure, anger, insecurity). Accessing peak-performance capacity allows you to keep a calm, clear head while taking empathetic, focused action.)

◤ As an entrepreneurial Coach, Trainer, Consultant or inspirational Speaker, I‘m here for your individual or organization’s positive change.

💬 Reach out to hi@evagruber.org or on LinkedIn. Book your introduction-call: https://calendly.com/eva-gruber-habit-coach/30-min-call

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