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Ellin Sidell

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Unlocking Human Potential from Tiny Habits to Major Transformations:

During my 35 year corporate career, and in life generally, I’ve become an expert at mentoring and coaching others to overcome their limiting beliefs to transform their careers and lives. Most recently, founding the Costco Mentee Ring program that has graduated over 200 mentees. I know how to ask questions that elicit the type of feedback that has contributed to the building of teams, systems, processes and solutions that have grown multi-billion dollar businesses for such iconic companies as Nestle, Microsoft and Costco.

While navigating my stressful and demanding career, I dealt with a series of serious health challenges - getting cancer three times; I now fully realize that cancer was a gift. Because I have lived my own transformation, I am eager to share The Sidell Method with others so they can become a Thrivor too. My journey was a winding road, for sure, please ask how I was impacted by winning a Cancer Contest.

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