Ellen Khalifa

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Healthy Aging

General Habit Support

Our lifespans have increased by 20 to 30 years. But our thinking about midlife and beyond is outdated - what will we do with this gift of extra time? We need a new roadmap for thriving and staying healthy as we grow older. Tiny Habits can be very effective at keeping us healthy, positive and resilient as life’s changes roll.

I’ve spent decades developing people-centered communications in healthcare. Health education often tells us the “what” and “why” of being active partners in our wellbeing but Tiny Habits gives us the specific tools for “how” to make these behaviors part of our daily lives.

I’ve practiced Tiny Habits for 10 years: I’m living proof that changing our behaviors over time allows us to change our identities for the better.

I’m certified in Matter of Balance, an evidence-based injury prevention program for older adults as well as a Peer Educator for American Bone Health. I continue my work developing people-centered communications in healthcare and have a certificate in UX writing (user experience writing for digital media).

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