Elizabeth Gudrais

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Healthy Aging
Movement and Exercise

After two decades of personal training, yoga instruction, and nutrition coaching, Elizabeth now coaches people on healthy aging, focusing on helping her clients preserve (or even gain) vitality and lead a pain-free life. With an approach centered on the mind-body connection, Elizabeth guides clients in exploring physical habits that cultivate mental and emotional wellness, and vice versa—seeing how mental and emotional habits can take a toll on how we feel in our bodies, and changing our mindset and communication patterns to experience greater well-being on all levels.

A professional writer and editor for two decades with a background in journalism and a foundation in Russian literature, Elizabeth also helps people bring their books into the world as a coach, editor, and ghostwriter. She believes our lives are works of art we are continually creating and editing, and the Tiny Habits method is a crucial part of the approach she uses with her clients.

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Wisconsin, United States
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