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Boris Koenig

Organizational Change

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Vienna, Austria


I’m Boris and I run a business and software consulting company in Vienna/Austria. For almost 2 decades I have worked in various companies in leading management positions in IT and marketing, building and leading international teams. I also worked as a university teacher in Strategic Information Management for a few years until I decided to start my own company.

Together with my partners, we advise companies on project management, how they can design remote workshops and online social events, and support them in their transformation and change processes through mediation, trainings and coaching.

Change has always been at the heart of my work - helping individuals and organizations drive, manage, or respond to it successfully.
While change can be overwhelming and intimidating, it is always an opportunity. It is how we can grow individually and as a society and I am convinced that we all have the power to change behavior patterns that do not take us where we want to go.

That’s how I found my way to the principles of Positive Psychology, to Behaviour Design and to the Tiny Habits method.

Especially with Tiny Habits I was able to solve a few things for myself that I had dealt with for years and It has changed my personal live, and I am so thankful to BJ Fogg and his work. The beauty of this method is that it can work for any habit.

As a certified Tiny Habits Coach, I offer trainings and workshops for companies and their employees related to behaviour and habits, especially in the context of organizational changes, the shift to the digital and knowledge society, innovation and the work-life balance.

I also work with individuals when it comes to developing good habits for their personal well-being, feeling successful, becoming more assertive and resilient in the workplace and taking the first steps that lead to sustainable change processes.


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