Becky Fife

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Positive Psychology

Specialty: Pre-teen and Teen Girls

I believe in the power of a strong girl! My focus and purpose is to help young girls, ages 11-18, gain self-confidence and skills that will help them navigate through the difficult pre-teen and teen years. I have worked with girls for over 15 years, helping them grow and create routines that lead to a better self-image and better relationships with their family members. Now, with the Tiny Habits method I am more excited than ever! Good tiny habits help young women accomplish their aspirations! EVERY GIRL should learn the skills of creating habits that stick, and understand how to celebrate their accomplishments. As a mother of 7 children, 4 of them being daughters, I understand which tools and habits will have the most impact and help these girls reach their potential. Social media is tearing apart the strength of these young women. Depression and anxiety among teenagers has increased 59% in the last 10 years. These kinds of statistics motivate me even more to help girls around the world understand that they have the capability to accomplish anything they want. The magic lies within them... they just have to start tiny. ;) Let's Go Girls!

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Nevada, United States
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