Anna Sorochan

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Stress Reduction/Resilience

Productivity/Time Management

I am a certified Process Communication Model (PCM) Trainer. It is my passion and I combine it now with coaching experience. I love to see the spark in the eyes of people whom I train or whom I coach when they discover themselves and can embed simple changes in their lives to feel energy, balance with themselves and take charge of their work and life. PCM model helps to learn how to manage personal motivation and positive energy balance. I am happy to see people accepting easily the differences in others, reduce their stress significantly and are able to manage it.

I am using Process Communication Model and Co-Active Coaching models to make people in charge of their decisions. I am guiding them to find the path they desire to be positive and live fulfilling life.
Using Tiny Habits I share also ideas and create playful atmosphere to help habitee to enjoy the process and see new behavior as an adventure.

Based on feedback received during 5-days Tiny Habits program, I encourage, motivate people and help people to believe in themselves.
I do not work directly with Time management. We discuss productivity and in this regards there could be some ideas in terms how to make use of the time more efficiently. What I realize recently is that Time can mean different things to various people. Some people believe that humans develop Time concept to make their life easier and/or to control. And that such notion does not exist in Nature. Flowers and animals do not know what Time means. For me Time is a freedom. The better I am in managing my time, more creativity, fun and less stress I can choose to be part of my daily life.

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