Angie Spartz

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Angie Spartz

Stress Reduction/Resilience

Positive Psychology

If you are a strong, successful woman but find yourself doubting your abilities, wondering if there’s more, not knowing why you “have it all” but it still feels hollow, I can help. As an intuitive Transformation Coach, I help women like you. The lie you’ve been told is that you have to do it the “right” way to find freedom, to find what you are looking for…but you don’t. You just have to uncover YOU because when you release the shackles of the “shoulds” to liberate your authentic self, you will find unbound freedom.

I use a unique combination of energy healing, practical tools, and personal experience to help you do just that. My certifications include Tiny Habits, Emotion Code, Intuitive Gifts, Entourage, Sound Healing, Reiki, and Yoga 200 RYT. It's your time to Rise!

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