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Tracy Mawhorter

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     Healthy Aging

     Employee Health and Wellness

Arizona, United States


Tracy’s mission is to help others discover and cultivate a skillset and knowledge base that will improve both health and happiness through a person-centered approach. She accomplishes this mission by combining the Tiny Habits 7-step process with a personalized approach that focuses on slowly transitioning clients to a more healthful diet and lifestyle. Detailed information is gathered about the physical activities that fit each client’s personality and life needs, foods that he/she already enjoys, and a review of foods that may be contributing to health conditions. Afterwards, Tracy and her clients create a mutually agreed upon implementation plan that is tailored to his/her schedule, life needs, and personality.


Employers also have a unique opportunity to improve employee health outcomes using a well-designed wellness program. Employee wellness programs can provide many benefits to organizations, including increased engagement and loyalty, reduced turnover, decreased absenteeism, and lowered health-care costs. Like most households, each organization is diverse and has distinctive needs. Consequently, detailed information is collected about the environment of each organization, its needs, goals, and resources. Next, a comprehensive approach is created and implemented that may include biometric assessments, cohort classes, individual lifestyle counseling, along with a communication plan to generate and sustain engagement.

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