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Toby Lynes

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     Weight Management
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United Kingdom

I’m an Online Coach based in the UK who specialises in fast-tracking people towards their goals by taking a holistic approach through fitness and health.

I truly believe it is not just about calories in vs calories out when it comes to achieving fat loss or muscle gain, it is about looking at the whole picture. Although calories in vs calories out is a very important parameter, if you do not look after your overall wellbeing and fine-tune your lifestyle choices, then the likelihood of you achieving your goal with motivation and enjoyment diminishes. I want to take you on a journey that will make you the best version of you for the foreseeable future.

I help everyday, busy people reach their goals by creating bespoke results-focused plans. Encompassing training, nutrition, sleep and time-restricted eating plans, all the while tailoring every plan to your lifestyle and goals. I also provide weekly check-in calls and video exercise technique feedback to ensure the individual is given every opportunity to efficiently stay on track.

I have lived in London for 4 years, so I fully understand how chaotic life can get and how difficult it can be to try to implement all these overwhelming lifestyle changes/habits. I’m here to remove the guesswork and offer simple and sustainable methods, whether that’s with your training and/or improving your sleep, which can result in significant lifestyle improvements.

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