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Finding Happiness After Loss
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Hi ……… I’m Tessa Stowe …

When you suffer a loss .. be it the life you used to have, be it a death, be it your health, be it financial, be it your job, be it a divorce/separation, be it a relationship, be it your dreams … your happiness is impacted and your immune system is switched OFF. Happiness and your immune system are entwined. (There is a scientific explanation as to why.)

My wish for you, if you’ve had a loss, is that you acquire Happiness as your SuperPower, so you can be in the driver’s seat with generating happy emotions and with switching ON your immune system.

Yes, happy emotions switch ON your immune system and unhappy emotions switch OFF your immune system. That’s why when you are unhappy, your health deteriorates.

I encourage you to acquire Happiness as a SuperPower sooner rather than later to protect your health … and to be happy of course.

I believe you can do that when you follow the Happiness SuperPower Roadmap.

By the way, you can acquire Happiness as your SuperPower even if you are stressed, anxious, unhealthy or depressed. (I was 🙁)

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P.S. I use the Tiny Habits Method to turn the Happiness Exercises I teach into Happiness Habits.

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