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Steve Lacy

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Alabama, United States


I help people apply the principles of Tiny Habit to their Network Marketing business. I have been a pastor for over 40 years and since you don’t choose ministry for what it pays you, I have always had gigs on the side to supplement my ministry income. A decade ago I got involved in Network Marketing when I was approached by a friend to just take a look. Since then I have been active in building a part time Network Marketing business. I think Network Marketing is the perfect side gig since you can do it in your spare time and, over time, you can build an organization that allows you to leverage the power of others and get paid for the efforts of many.


In 2021 I read the book “Tiny Habits” and saw how it was the perfect answer to why so many who attempted Network Marketing failed and how applying the book’s principles could move many from failure to success in Network Marketing. Seeing the value of the Tiny Habits principles I became a certified coach so I could better help others, and I have the privilege of being the instructor of the “Tiny Habits for Networking Marketing” course offered on Kajabi.

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