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Stephen Lake, Ph.D.

Lithos Coaching


     Teaching and Learning

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Illinois, United States

I bring a diverse background as a certified Tiny Habits coach to my coaching practice, Lithos Coaching.

I am…a philosopher priest…a bowler barista…a former COO of a multi-million dollar real estate business…and I work with families and individuals dealing with disability (especially autism). I have an entrepreneurial streak. I’m a productivity maven. And an inveterate walker!

Here are key areas where I specialize in coaching my clients:

• Academic Excellence: I am a philosophy professor. With over 15 years in higher education and academic leadership, I work with students, faculty, administrators and institutions alike to be more effective in their academic work. Healthy habits are crucial for…
…student success in school and life—from GED to PhD…and beyond!
…faculty growth in teaching while meeting scholarly goals and institutional expectations.
…administrators developing their leadership gifts while maintaining maximal productivity.
…and institutions, where better habits can collectively transform institutional culture and promote excellence.

• Spirituality & Leadership: I am a Christian minister. With over 20 years in lay and ordained ministry and leadership, I am passionate about spiritual direction and discernment, mentoring and leadership development. Habit coaching can transform…
…your spiritual disciplines, be it meditation or prayer, journaling or scriptural study.
…your struggle with bad habits and addiction.
…your character and outlook on life.
…your growth and effectiveness as a leader.
Churches and other institutional non-for-profit clients will also learn the power of habit to transform your culture, equip your team and promote your vision.

• Vocational & Life Transitions: Are you are a student or a parent facing the college application labyrinth? A college senior asking ‘what’s next?’ A mid-career executive looking for the next challenge…or suddenly ‘redundant’ and out of work? Or struggling to figure out life after divorce? I have walked with clients as they navigate through all of these huge life transitions. I personally have been there, too. I myself have journeyed from a career in higher education to ministry…while working at Starbucks!

• Productivity & Performance: Do you need a new morning routine? Bedtime routine? Exercise routine? Do you want to stop procrastinating? Disconnect from social media or devices? Is your mental game weak and ineffective (on the job or on the athletic field)? In my 4 years experience with Tiny Habits, I myself have formed over 20 new habits and work on new ones regularly. I have completely redesigned my morning routine (wake up at 5AM everyday, 7 days a week) and am in the best shape in my life. I also coach youth bowlers, including my son with autism—who averages over 200 and competes at the annual USBC Junior Gold national championship.

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