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Stephanie Wagner

Inner Fire Health and Well-being Coaching
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     Movement and Exercise
     Weight Management

Minnesota, United States

My name is Stephanie Wagner. I am a health and mindfulness coach, meditation teacher, and educator who is trained in behavior change, meditation, motivation, and habit formation. Additionally, I am steeped in knowledge of chronic health conditions, healthy eating strategies, exercise, and stress-relieving techniques.

I bring techniques like mindfulness and self compassion into your well-being journey, by helping you gain greater self-awareness of the triggers and habits that drive you. With awareness, you can define strategies to make lasting behavior change.

Health coaching is not just for people wanting to lose weight or exercise. It is a deeply transformative and healing process that can help you get un-stuck—supporting you to live a life with greater meaning, find the next phase of your professional career, or simply get to know yourself better. Coaching is a path to flourishing.

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