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Certified Coach

Photo of Stephanie Pinedo Kregul

Stephanie Pinedo Kregul

SPK Fitness


     Movement and Exercise
     Stress Reduction/Resilience

New York, United States

Stephanie supports clients who want to reset their fitness and wellness lifestyles to balance for their busyness. She partners with her clients to identify opportunities to introduce new behaviors into their daily routines. Stephanie uses the Tiny Habits Method so that the new behaviors don’t seem unreachable or overwhelming. This approach gives you the ability to still DREAM BIG but achieve it through SMALL STEPS.

Fitness encompasses everything from introducing a new workout regime, reintroducing old exercise programs (i.e running), increasing flexibility, reaching a weight loss goal, fitting into wardrobe, etc. Wellness encompasses everything from reducing stress, improving sleep, focus and presence, meditation, organization, career coaching, mindful snacking, etc.

Stephanie is the founder of SPK Fitness and incorporates the Tiny Habits Method with her Reset Program where her clients are physically trained while applying the Tiny Habits method into their day to day routine. Stephanie’s goal is to help clients stop procrastinating, be more productive, feel more successful and most importantly, not give up on things that make them happy but to help clients find the balance in it all.

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