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Shazia Anwar

Principled Approach LLC
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     Spiritual Growth/Spirituality

     Teaching and Learning

Texas, United States

Shazia R Anwar
Principled Approach LLC
Education & Coaching

Specialty: Tiny Habits for Higher Purpose

My work focuses on Psycho- Spiritual education & coaching, changing the thought process to alleviate and/or prevent behaviors that can be a source of distress.

I incorporate higher thinking/ spiritual aspect/ the deeper meaning of life by observing the design of Nature. This is helpful towards leading a life of focus, improving relationship with self and others.

I talk about these powerful concepts in my book, ‘Cave Time Journal‘.

My educational background is in Medicine, Academic Research in Psychiatry, Islamic Studies and Life Coach Certifications.

I am certified in Yoga by the Institute of Mind Sciences and Classical Yoga, Pakistan.

I enjoy herb gardening, cooking, and singing.

I speak English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi.

My husband and I live in Dallas, Texas and I am blessed with three children.

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