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Sarah Levine

The Habit Hive
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Paris, France

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a highly imperfect pursuer of personal growth, to the extent that it makes me happier. I think one of the most powerful tools for this is habits — repeated actions that don’t require too much thought.

I spent almost 20 years working for a major Fortune 500 company, very career-centric before pushing it aside to concentrate on my family. I’m a strategic thinker who likes to get things done – theory only appeals to me when it can become pragmatic. I’m also a seeker of diverse perspectives, which is helpful since I’ve spent much of my adult life as an expat (I’m an American who lives in Paris France). Now that my kids are a little bigger, and I’m a little wiser, I try to help people.

I run habit encouragement groups at The Habit Hive. Everyone goes at their own pace and works on their own priorities. We discuss our hiccups and cheer each other on, and I share habit strategies that are pragmatic and useful. It’s fun, accountable, and non-judgmental.

If my schedule allows, I also work one on one with people needing help on habits or goals. I also spent many years working in medication/therapeutic adherence and love to work with people needing to make changes for health reasons.

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