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Peter Paul van Kempen

Van Kempen Consultancy
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     Organizational Change
     Employee Health and Wellness

     Positive Psychology

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am a psychologist specialized in behavior change . For years I worked on projects with high ambitions but little impact. That was a painful realization. Should I turn my back on the field? I almost did, but instead I went on an adventurous journey to find effective methods to influence people.

The best way to find out what works, is to test it on yourself. That’s why I first used Tiny Habits to change my own behavior. And completely changed my own lifestyle and working habits!

As certified coach and change-maker I help individuals, teams and organisations to reach their aspirations, become more effective, happier and healthier.

Specialties are: Stress-relief by connecting with nature, Lifestyle change, Better communication, Storytelling, Understanding others and clients by deep listening, Sustainability, Marketing by meeting needs.

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