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Peiming Sun

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     Healthy Aging
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Indiana, United States

Originally from Taiwan, an East-West Navigator in the past 30 years, Sunny has become aware of her unique superpower to shine and serve others as a DNA Life Strategist.

Sunny has experienced an amazing midlife transformation that she has effortlessly lost 35 pounds, become younger at her look, experienced significant spiritual growth, turned her negativity into sustainable positivity, and boosted her energy and creativity by getting into flow state with ease.

Sunny has a MS (Master of Science) degree in Molecular Biology/Microbiology, an adult learning and training design certificate, and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a scientist over 11 years. In addition, Sunny has earned her DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) from Toastmasters International in 2020, written two anthology books in May & August 2021 and become a Tiny Habits Certified Coach in June 2021.

She has built up her resilience, positivity, and life strategies through embracing various life situations as an immigrant, a single parent, and a long-term caregiver(her second son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy).

Sunny offers 1:1 healthy habit coaching for people who are seeking positive changes in life and collaborates with female givers over 40 using cutting-edge & evidence-based DNA strategies for sustainable joy, peace, and prosperity. Working together, Sunny is creating a HOPE Society to impact millions of lives via implementing healthy habits.

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