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Pei-ming Sun

Sunny Life Solutions
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     Healthy Aging
     Stress Reduction/Resilience

Indiana, United States

Peiming Sun/Sunny, founder of SUNNY Life Solutions, was originally from Taiwan, and has lived in the USA for over 30 years.

As a former molecular biologist, a Tiny Habits certified coach, a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), an Amazon international bestseller author, and a lifestyle mentor, Sunny has created an integrated system to support others to stop premature aging at the quantum level.

Sunny is the host for the global mighty community, Sunny Community for Healthy Aging It is a supportive space for 40-plus SUPER care-givers (who are heart-centered yet care and give too much with loaded stress) to become self-aware their inner gifts, accept and love self unconditionally, and activate and regenerate life energy with her integrated system to prevent permature aging.

Sunny’s dream is to build a supportive, knowledgeable and affordable Co-Hort community that provides simple & effective life hacks for life transformation and business collaboration opportunities. Her tagline is: Come Alive to Impact More Lives.

At Sunny’s community, Sunny offers personalized or group coaching programs and online virtual retreats and/or porgram to support her tribe members to effortlessly implement simple & effective life hacks into daily routine, share paradoxical hero’s journeys with others, and come alive to make more impact with extended health-span.

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