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Liz Arch

Primal Alchemy Method
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     Movement and Exercise
     Stress Reduction/Resilience

California, United States

Aloha! I’m Liz, an international yoga teacher, martial artist, trauma alchemist, author, mom, and founder of Primal Mvmnt and the Primal Alchemy Method. For much of my life, I felt stuck physically, emotionally, and energetically – trapped in a trauma loop that left me anxious, overwhelmed, depleted, and numb. Out of necessity, I learned about trauma’s neurobiological impact on the body and mind and discovered holistic modalities that allowed me to heal, prosper, and thrive. I was able to break free from crippling anxiety, completely reverse a panic disorder diagnosis, and take back control of my life. Today, I help people triumph over trauma, reclaim their mind-body health, and transform their lives using the Primal Alchemy Method.

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