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Leora Rajak

Cell Phone: 2038326989


     Productivity/Time Management


Connecticut, United States

If you’re a self-starting entrepreneur and feel like you don’t have a handle on life outside of the business, or you work from home and can’t get things done on the other side of your office door, I can help. I’ve been there, and with Tiny Habits, I’ve learned a better way.

I went from building and running successful entrepreneurial businesses in one continent, to becoming a work-from-home mom in another. I learned the hard way how easy it is to flounder without routine and structure, and how grey the boundaries become between work and home.

By exploring and practicing Tiny Habits, I created new ways of taking care of myself, my family, and my work – and found space for the growth and intellectual stimulation I was missing. I’ve now completed an MFA, written a novel, published some of my writing, built a network of coaching clients, and continue to work with businesses in South Africa, and in non-profits and on boards in the USA.

As a Tiny Habits coach, I can assist you if you feel like you’re floundering – either at work or at home, and in all the grey spaces in between.

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