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Kristine Schaan

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Employee Health and Wellness

Healthy Aging

Career Development

California, United States


I am passionate about lifelong development and learning. My core belief is that that the best investment a person can make is within oneself. My chief ambition as a coach is to enable my clients with strategies to implement sustainable change in both their personal and professional lives.

My experience encompasses the development and implementation of a range of wellness programs. I lean heavily on my healthcare and business background to guide my education and training programs. Most recently, I have been involved in providing corporate workshops to Singapore-based organizations as well as one-on-one corporate coaching within the US.

As a result of my coaching and workshops, attendees have reported a range of improvements encompassing confidence, productivity, well-being and overall life satisfaction.

My approach is rooted in design-thinking principles which heavily focus on the process as a means to reaching successful outcomes.

In addition to being a Tiny Habits © Certified Coach, I also hold a Thrive Global © Coaching Certification in behavior change. I welcome the opportunity to explore helping you and/or your organization in behavior change pursuits.

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