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Kirsten Leng

Infinitus Professional Development Ltd
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Auckland, New Zealand

Activating growth: Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Performance Coach

I cut straight to the chase to convert potential into performance and am relentless about setting and delivering outcomes.

I am a transformation specialist with a track record of accelerating growth and improving performance. I leverage potential to uplift performance of ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders, presenters and sales professionals who want to go places. Helping people like you accelerate their growth to achieve their goals faster.

I am the Founder and Director of Infinitus Professional Development, and have dedicated my career to understanding behaviour and how to create high performance. My passion and skill is in knowing people and understanding what makes them personally and businesses grow.

I thrive on continuous learning and growth and love to be a catalyst and enabler of unlocking my clients potential so they get to live their life where they achieve their aspirations in all aspects of their lives.

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