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Katherine Miller

Cell Phone: (413) 822-8390 Website: Mbodied Women


     Stress Reduction/Resilience

As an executive health and lifestyle coach, I help ambitious professional women and leaders increase their energy, stamina, and resilience so they can succeed, lead, and enjoy life like never before.

I find many women are just hitting their stride between the ages of 38-58. You’ve garnered the professional and life experience to live fully and creatively and reach new levels of personal growth and potential.

This also happens to be a time of hormonal change known as peri-menopause and menopause, when burnout, weight gain, fatigue, and anxiety are common experiences or most women. It’s not all bad news! Menopause is a uniquely transformational time for coming into your own. In order to benefit from this powerful stage of life and not crash and burn in an inferno of hormonal havoc, you need to make key lifestyle changes. That’s where powerful personalized coaching and Tiny Habits make all the difference.

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