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Juni Felix

Mastermind Behavior Design
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Personal Development
     Spiritual Growth

Illinois, United States

Hello there, I’m Juni Felix and it’s such a joy to connect with you here in the Tiny Habits Community.

I am an author, songwriter, poet, speaker, radio host and a joyful teacher of the science, models and methods of Behavior Design.

I help people discover and understand the proven system for human behavior so that they can design strategies for success in every area of life, body, mind, spirit and soul. In my recent adventures as the author of “You are Worth the Work – Moving Forward from Trauma to Faith, I help complex trauma survivors to create a personalized plan for the healing journey and to dare to believe that their situation is not their destiny and sorrow isn’t their permanent address.

I regularly help people create Behavior Designed Strategies for success in designing a life of joy. I am a woman of faith who believes that life is an adventure and my life motto is Kindness is a Superpower!

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