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Julie Bergfeld

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Missouri, United States

I worked for many years in Higher Education and was continually dissatisfied. I discovered that my decision to move on was up to me to make. I quit and opened a yoga studio that I owned for 6 years. Now, as an experienced yoga teacher, with more than 12 years of teaching, I am a High-Performance Mindset Coach. I am also a Certified Tiny Habits Coach.

I struggled for years attempting to change and yet, failed every time. What I have come to recognize is that lasting change is a result of SMALL steps AND a positive mindset, celebrations. You see, small things add up. AND, it’s emotions that create change.As a teacher, you want to have greater impact on more people. As a coach and leader, you want to get your point across efficiently and powerfully. As a human, you want less stress, more vibrancy and a more satisfying life.

I can help. I work with yoga teachers, coaches, fitness leaders and entrepreneurs who want to live at a highest state of performance.

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